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REPRO Rising Virginia is working to protect and expand access to abortion in Virginia

REPRO Rising Virginia is a strong and trusted leader in the fight to establish laws and policies that ensure real, reliable, affordable, and timely access to abortion, contraception, and other reproductive health services for every person in Virginia.

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Roe Fell. What's Next?

First and foremost, abortion is still legal in Virginia and we will fight for it to remain legal.

Anti-abortion politicians in Virginia are more emboldened to ban abortion now than ever before, but the pro-abortion movement is even more fired up to take on any fights that come our way.

But we need YOU to join us in combatting any legislative and political attacks that come our way.

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Research & Map

In Virginia, fake clinics outnumber our trusted, comprehensive reproductive healthcare providers nearly 4:1

– and their well-documented manipulation and disinformation tactics put patients’ health and freedom in jeopardy.

Explore our investigation findings and learn how to spot fake clinics to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

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