person holding a sign that says "my body belongs to me"

The Need for a Constitutional Amendment for Reproductive Freedom

A constitutional amendment is our pathway to securing the right to abortion, birth control and the full range of reproductive healthcare needs and preventing  political intrusion into our personal lives and decisions. By placing this amendment in the hands of voters, we ensure that politicians cannot revoke or establish barriers to these fundamental human rights.

Being able to decide if, when, how and with whom to start or grow our families is essential to charting our own course for our futures and building strong communities. Reproductive freedom is an economic, health equity, and racial and gender justice issue. 

Ensuring Healthcare Access 

Abortion access is about bodily autonomy, security, and essential healthcare. Without it, individuals face obstacles in obtaining life-saving medical care for miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, and other complications. Access to safe, legal and timely abortion is fundamental to protecting public health.

The impact of abortion restrictions reverberates beyond state borders. In states where abortion is banned, clinics close, limiting options for individuals facing pregnancy decisions. Conversely, states with legal abortion face overwhelming demand, highlighting the need for nationwide protection of reproductive rights.

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Our Imperative Mission and Unprecedented Opportunity

We can permanently guarantee the right to abortion by amending Virginia’s constitution. This multi-year effort requires passage in the General Assembly for two consecutive years, including an intervening House election. Your support is crucial in this fight for reproductive freedom. Our next opportunity is 2025 and 2026.

Join us in advocating for the Virginian’s Constitutional Amendment for Reproductive Freedom! Together, we can ensure that every Virginian has reliable, affordable, and timely access to the full array of reproductive healthcare services, including abortion, with dignity and that our fundamental reproductive rights are preserved for generations to come.

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