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Contribute to REPRO Rising Virginia 501(c)(4)

Support our issue advocacy, organizing, and political work to protect and expand reproductive freedom in the Commonwealth. Supporting our 501(c)(4) is the best way to make political change in Virginia. (Contributions to the lobbying and political arm, a 501(c)(4) organization, are not tax-deductible). 

Donate to the REPRO Rising Virginia Foundation 501(c)(3)

Support our research, public education, and outreach work to engage Virginians on critical reproductive rights issues. (Donations to the Foundation arm, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible and cannot be used for direct political work.)

Contribute to our REPRO Rising Virginia Political Action Committee (PAC)

Support our direct efforts to help pro-abortion rights candidates win elected offices in Virginia through endorsements, campaign contributions, and messaging assistance. (Because of the political nature of the PAC, contributions are not tax-deductible.)

Legacy Fund

Want to invest in the future of reproductive freedom in Virginia? Does the training and education REPRO Rising Virginia Foundation provides on behalf of our next generation of pro-abortion rights leaders inspire you?

Joining REPRO Rising Virginia’s Planned Giving program will enable you to partner with us and benefit future generations while still providing for your loved ones. Planned giving options include:

  • Name REPRO Rising Virginia Foundation beneficiary of a deferred gift.
  • Include REPRO Rising Virginia Foundation in your will.
  • Transfer a percentage of stock, property, or other assets to REPRO Rising Virginia Foundation.

To determine how you can make a long-term commitment to reproductive freedom in our state, begin by surveying your assets and assessing your future financial needs. To ensure that your gift meets your income, gift, and estate tax objectives, you should consult with your financial adviser.

Please email or call 571-970-2536 if you have any questions about our Legacy Fund or would like to be sent more information.

Questions about supporting REPRO Rising Virginia?

Please contact or call 571-970-2536.

REPRO Rising Virginia 501(c)(4) federal tax identification number: 41-2051991

REPRO Rising Virginia Foundation 501(c)(3) federal tax identification number: 77-0611790