Legislative Session 2024

What is Legislative Session?

The Virginia legislature, known as the General Assembly, consists of the Senate and the House of Delegates. This branch of government makes and changes the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. There are 140 legislators – 40 Senators and 100 Delegates. Senators serve four-year terms and Delegates serve two-year terms.

The General Assembly convenes each year on the second Wednesday in January. In even-numbered years, the session is held for 60 days. In odd-numbered years, the session is held for 30 days (although frequently extended to 45 days). During this time, bills are introduced, heard in committees and subcommittees, argued, and voted into law.

Our Priority Legislation

We work closely with pro-Reproductive Freedom champions in the Virginia legislature to craft, introduce, and pass proactive legislation aimed at protecting and expanding access to reproductive rights and healthcare across the Commonwealth.

Here are our proactive bills this 2024 Legislative Session

Anti-Abortion & Anti-Reproductive Freedom Legislation

Get Involved!

Legislative Rapid Response Team

We distill all the complex, often-confusing political happenings during Virginia’s General Assembly Session into short, digestible action alerts straight to your inbox. As legislation moves through committees, heads to the floor, and as elected officials prepare to vote, we’ll send you an email alert notifying you of what happened and what you can do in response. Every action alert includes a short ask and model language so you can be confident in taking action!

As a member of our Legislative Rapid Response Team, you’ll effect change on a grassroots level and ensure Reproductive Freedom is a top priority for Virginia legislators!

Share Your Story

Our stories have the power to connect with people on a personal level and even change hearts and minds. Each year, we train advocates to tell their story by testifying before legislators for or against bills that will impact reproductive healthcare.

Learn how to effectively testify and tell your story by signing up for a training today!

*There are currently no trainings planned at this time. Please reach out to Keisy at keisy@reprorisingva.org to learn more about testifying*