A Guide to Accessing Reproductive Healthcare in Virginia

Virginia has become a safe-haven for abortion access as states are moving to pass abortion bans across the country. Many people are being forced to travel to the Commonwealth to access abortion. To help people access abortion in Virginia, we have compiled resources about:

Woman touching another woman's leg supportively while they other two are talking

Abortion Clinics in Virginia

A list of the current status of abortion clinics around Virginia and their operational schedules, as well as helpful tips for making an appointment.

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How to Access Abortion Pills

A guide on how to access and safely take abortion pills.

Abortion Funds in Virginia

A list of the abortion funds in Virginia for those who need financial assistance in accessing abortion care.

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Reproductive Health Apps

A list of mobile apps that Virginians can download to use to access birth control, UTI treatment, and STI testing from home.

Legal Resources

Do you need legal advice, representation, or help paying legal expenses related to abortion care? Repro advocates are here to help!