National News Press Release

Two-Year Anniversary of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

REPRO Rising Virginia's Official Statement


Two years have passed since the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling shifted the landscape of reproductive rights and freedom in this country. Since then, consequences of this decision have been swift and severe. Abortion bans and extreme restrictions continue to pass in states across the country, forcing patients to travel hundreds if not thousands of miles for care. Marginalized communities are continuously bearing the brunt of these systemic barriers to healthcare.

Amidst the struggle, those on the front lines remain immersed in this fight. Providers, abortion funds, activists, advocates, and pro-reproductive freedom politicians are doing all they can to bridge the gaps between barriers and access to care. The reproductive health, rights and justice movement remains in crisis, but we are undeterred people dedicated to ensuring everyone who seeks an abortion is given a chance to receive the care they need with dignity and respect and their bodily autonomy is honored as a fundamental human right.

Furthermore, we are seeing attacks on more than abortion, as we always knew we would. Anti-abortion extremists have come for birth control, IVF and other tools for family planning. We see their strategy clearly, and we will not sit by idly and watch as they continue to strip Americans of their bodily autonomy.

Here we are, two years after the downfall of Roe, more awake to its shortcomings than ever. We are ready to fight for more than the legality of abortion; we need true access. In Virginia, we’re working towards a constitutional amendment that will help us secure reproductive freedom as a fundamental right and ensure access is a reality for all. The power has been left to the states, and Virginians know exactly what they want to do with that power. We said we would not stop the pursuit of reproductive freedom until it is achieved. We haven’t, and we won’t. Our quest for true freedom continues.


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