Elections Press Release

REPRO Rising Virginia Endorses State Senator Jennifer Boysko for Virginia 10th Congressional District



REPRO Rising Virgnia’s PAC and 501 (c)(4) Board of Directors proudly announces its support for Senator Jennifer Boysko in her bid for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

During Senator Boysko’s nine years in the General Assembly, first in the House and now in the Senate, she has been an outspoken and proven champion on reproductive freedom, carrying bold and audacious legislation, and never backing down from the fight for abortion and birth control rights and access. There is now doubt she will carry this same determination and enthusiasm for reproductive freedom to Congress.

REPRO Rising Virginia PAC has a history of making discerning endorsements, having previously supported only one other congressional candidate, Jennifer McClellan, for CD4 in January 2023. However, given the intensity of this primary, the decision to back Senator Boysko underscores our commitment to candidates who actively and relentlessly champion our core cause –to ensure reproductive freedom is a true reality for each and every Virginian freedom from political interference or intimidation.

“Today, I am thrilled to announce our endorsement of Senator Jennifer Boysko for Congress. Our backing of Senator Boysko reflects her unwavering commitment to advancing reproductive rights and healthcare access,” stated Executive Director Tarina Keene. “Senator Boysko’s bold advocacy and relentless dedication to securing Virginians’ reproductive freedom make her the undeniable choice to represent Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. For nearly a decade, we have worked side by side with Sen. Boysko, pushing forward some of the most bold and progressive policies for reproductive freedom the Commonwealth has seen. We know she is the perfect candidate who will take that same determination to Washington and represent the 10th district with honor and distinction.”

Sen. Boysko’s legislative record speaks volumes about her commitment to reproductive freedom and healthcare access. From her advocacy for paid family leave to her efforts in advancing hormonal contraceptives accessibility, Boysko has consistently championed policies that uplift individuals and families across Virginia. As the chief co-patron and patron of the Constitutional Amendments for Reproductive Freedom in 2023 and 2024 respectively, Boysko has led the charge in protecting fundamental reproductive rights and is determined to secure Virginians’ right and access to abortion in the new post-Roe landscape.

Sen. Boysko has been a driving force behind several crucial pieces of legislation, including the Whole Woman’s Health Act (2017, 2018), which affirmed a pregnant person’s fundamental right to obtain abortion, as well as abortion coverage as part of essential health benefits. Her commitment to reproductive justice extends beyond these bills, as she has also championed legislation for menstrual equity, equal pay, paid family leave, and trans rights.

Senator Boysko stated this about her REPRO Rising Virginia endorsement, “I’m deeply honored and incredibly proud to have the endorsement of the fierce advocates at REPRO Rising Virginia, who are leading the charge to protect reproductive freedom in the Commonwealth. In Congress, I will fight tooth and nail alongside REPRO Rising Virginia to enshrine abortion rights into federal law and tear down barriers to accessing reproductive healthcare. With Roe overturned and MAGA Republicans dead set on a national abortion ban, safeguarding bodily autonomy is the defining issue for voters this November. I’m so grateful to have REPRO Rising Virginia in my corner as we mobilize Virginians to vote like reproductive rights depend on it – because they absolutely do.”

REPRO Rising Virginia wants to also recognize several other candidates in the CD10 race who have perfect voting records on reproductive freedom during their time in the General Assembly:

  • Former House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn
  • Delegate Dan Helmer
  • Delegate Michelle Maldonado
  • Delegate David Reid
  • Senator Suhas Subramanyam

We have no doubt if one of these candidates were to win that they would be solid champions for abortion and birth control rights and access in Congress.