National News Press Release

REPRO Rising Virginia’s Official Statement on One Year Anniversary of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization


One year has passed since the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision immediately began to wreak havoc across this country. Shortly after this decision, we saw abortion ban after abortion ban pass in states covering every part of this country. Millions of people lost access to abortion in an instant. One year later, the attacks on abortion have not stopped. Patients are desperately traveling across state lines seeking lifesaving care. Local ordinances have started spreading like wildfire and targeting vulnerable communities, pushing access even further out of reach for those already struggling to get care. Our most marginalized communities are suffering at the hands of systemic and structural roadblocks to care. Providers are working at max capacity so that they do not have to turn patients away. Abortion funds are consistently depleting their resources weekly to meet demand. Abortion activists are running on fumes to protect what little access their states have left.

And now, Virginia has become the only state in the South without an abortion ban on the books. Thousands of people travel to Virginia to seek access to care. We need to be able to support them AND the Virginians who need care. Supporting abortion access for those who need it – in and outside of the Commonwealth – has to be a top priority. 

We are in a crisis. This is our reality. 

However, what we also have is an incredible opportunity to take care of each other. We have millions of people across this country fighting with every bit of themselves to protect and expand access to abortion. When we look around, we see acts of kindness and tenacity everywhere. From the people showing up to rallies across the country, to the volunteers right here in Virginia willing to drive patients to and from their appointments so that transportation is not the reason they are unable to get the care they need. The moments to show up for each other are everywhere.  

Right here in Virginia, we have a critical opportunity to elect reproductive freedom champions to the Virginia General Assembly, change the makeup of our legislature, and push forward a ballot initiative to enshrine the right to Reproductive Freedom into the Virginia constitution this November. 

One year later, our hearts are still healing, but we have hope. This work is never easy, but it is essential. We are living through an extremely cruel and unjust moment in history. We must remain focused on getting patients the care they need, lead with love, create opportunities for rest when we can, and keep fighting until everyone everywhere has access to the full range of reproductive healthcare.

We believe in a future in which everyone has the fundamental freedom to control their own bodies and their lives. You can count on us to fight for as long as it takes to ensure reproductive freedom for everybody.