Elections Press Release 4.19.2023

REPRO Rising Virginia PAC Endorses Lashrecse Aird in Senate District 13 Primary Election

REPRO Rising Virginia PAC gives Lashrecse Aird our first endorsement of the 2023 Election Season

Delegate Lashrecse Aird is an activist and changemaker at heart. During her time in the House of Delegates, Aird was a relentless advocate for maternal and infant health, criminal justice reform, voting rights, and environmental justice. Throughout her three terms, Aird co-sponsored several abortion and contraceptive rights and access bills and also received a 100% A rating on REPRO Rising Virginia’s annual Reproductive Freedom Scorecard, making her a reproductive freedom champion. Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Delegate Aird has been a vehement voice denouncing the outrageous and dangerous ruling that has put reproductive health and rights further out of reach for the most marginalized communities and pledging to make abortion rights and access her top priority if elected to the state Senate. 

“REPRO Rising Virginia enthusiastically endorses Lashrecse Aird in her campaign to represent  Senate District  13. Throughout her tenure in the House, Delegate Aird worked to protect and expand access to the full range of reproductive healthcare.  There is no doubt that Lashrecse Aird is the candidate in SD13 who will join us in leading the charge forward on a constitutional amendment for reproductive freedom,” said Tarina Keene, executive director of REPRO Rising Virginia.

“With states banning abortion all around us, Virginia must remain a safe haven for safe, legal, and accessible abortion. Voters can trust Lashrecse to be an unwavering champion for their reproductive rights and freedoms in the state Senate. With only one vote standing between abortion being legal or banned in the Commonwealth, this race is pivotal. It is imperative that voters in SD13 elect a senator they can trust to represent their values and protect their most fundamental human right to control their reproductive destinies. That person is undoubtedly Lasherece Aird.” 

“I am thrilled to receive REPRO Rising Virginia PAC’s endorsement. During my time in the House, we worked together to protect and expand access to reproductive healthcare in Virginia. Now more than ever, Virginians need leaders who will stop at nothing to protect their bodily autonomy, especially in the face of constant attacks on abortion care and access coming from both the state and federal levels,” stated Delegate Lashrecse Aird, candidate for Senate District 13.

“REPRO Rising Virginia is a trusted partner that is committed to doing the work and making change happen. I will fight tenaciously beside them to ensure reproductive freedom is a true reality for all Virginians.”

REPRO Rising Virginia PAC supports candidates who pledge to protect and advance each and every Virginian’s right to abortion and access to the full range of reproductive healthcare without shame, stigma, or barriers.