Elections Press Release 8.14.2023

REPRO Rising Virginia PAC Announces First Round of Candidate Endorsements for the Virginia 2023 General Election

Meet our first round of endorsed general election candidates!

Today, REPRO Rising Virginia PAC, the political action arm of the reproductive rights policy and advocacy organization, announced its first round of endorsements for the Virginia 2023 general elections. This first round consists of moving previously acknowledged candidates to full endorsement and highlights a few key, competitive races that we are following closely. 

The future of abortion rights and reproductive healthcare access in Virginia will be decided by the results of the upcoming November elections. Due to the successful passing of post-Roe abortion bans and restrictions in every other state in the South, Virginia is positioned as a central access point for abortion for all of our neighboring states. In order to protect and expand abortion access, we are committed to filling the Virginia General Assembly with Reproductive Freedom champions who are dedicated to advancing access for all. REPRO Rising Virginia PAC endorsed candidates undergo a rigorous vetting process and are selected based on numerous factors. See the first round of our general election endorsed candidates below. 

REPRO Rising Virginia PAC Endorsed Candidates:


  • Delegate Angelia Williams Graves- SD21
  • Senator Monty Mason-SD24
  • Joel Griffin-SD27
  • Senator Jeremy McPike-SD29
  • Delegate Danica Roem-SD30
  • Jennifer Carroll Foy-SD33 
  • Stella Pekarsky-SD36


  • Rozia Henson-HD19 
  • Josh Thomas-HD21
  • Lily Franklin-HD41
  • Amy Laufer-HD55
  • Delegate Rodney Willett-HD58 
  • Sara Ratcliffe-HD62
  • Josh Cole-HD65
  • Kimberly Pope Adams-HD82
  • Bonita Anthony-HD92

“The attacks on abortion and reproductive healthcare over the past two years have led up to this very moment in Virginia. The right and access to abortion care is literally on the ballot. The importance of this election can not be understated, and neither can the tenacity of our network of partners, abortion funds, volunteers, and advocates. We are all fighting this battle on the ground, and now we’re taking it to the polls. We know that each and every one of these candidates is ready to work alongside us to protect and advance Reproductive Freedom in the Commonwealth.  We look forward to getting all of them over the finish line and continuing the battle at the Capitol to pass a constitutional amendment for Reproductive Freedom. But that cannot happen unless we elect pro-Reproductive Freedom candidates in  2023,”  stated Executive Director Tarina Keene.

“This election will decide the future landscape of abortion access, not only for Virginians but for those seeking care across the entirety of the South. Our endorsed candidates are ready, willing, and able to take on this fight, to have real conversations about their values with voters, and to center protecting and expanding Reproductive Freedom in Virginia for years to come. We all know what’s on the line and REPRO Rising Virginia is proud to support these candidates every step of the way,” said Hannah Servedio, Political Manager of REPRO Rising Virginia.



REPRO Rising Virginia a leading reproductive rights and freedom policy and political organization in the Commonwealth. The PAC endorses and supports candidates dedicated to protecting and advancing the full array of reproductive healthcare services including legal and accessible abortion care for every Virginian without shame or stigma. The organization’s powerful statewide network of 25,000+ activists and members will mobilize Reproductive Freedom voters throughout Virginia to help elect a Reproductive Freedom majority this 2023 electoral cycle.