Press Release Recent Win 2.9.2024

Virginia House Passes Contraceptive Equity Act

The bill aims to eliminate cost barriers to contraceptive access and promote equitable coverage across insurance plans.

In a major achievement for Reproductive Freedom, the Virginia House of Delegates has passed the Contraceptive Equity Act (HB819) in a bipartisan vote of 65-31, marking a significant step toward enhancing reproductive health equity in the Commonwealth.  

The Contraceptive Equity Act addresses critical issues surrounding contraceptive accessibility by eliminating burdensome co-pays, cost-sharing, reimbursement requirements, and coverage delays. By eliminating cost barriers, the legislation ensures that Virginians have the freedom to choose the contraceptive method that best suits their individual needs, ultimately promoting health equity across Virginia. 

“Accessible contraception is not just a matter of reproductive autonomy; it is a fundamental aspect of healthcare that addresses a spectrum of needs, from preventing unintended pregnancies to managing various health conditions,” said Tarina Keene, Executive Director of REPRO Rising Virginia. “This commonsense legislation recognizes the diverse health requirements of individuals and ensures that affordable contraceptive options remain within reach for all Virginians.”

“Passage of the Contraceptive Equity Act in the House is a significant victory for reproductive health equity, and our fight to break down financial barriers and ensure that individuals across the Commonwealth have unfettered access to a full spectrum of reproductive healthcare, including contraceptive options. As we celebrate this progress, we remain steadfast in our commitment to championing Pro-Reproductive Freedom measures that empower individuals to make informed decisions about their reproductive health. This legislation is a testament to the power of advocacy and collaboration, and we look forward to continued progress in advancing comprehensive reproductive healthcare for all Virginians.” says Lexi White, Policy Director of REPRO Rising Virginia. 

The Senate companion bill passed on Tuesday February 6th in a vote of 23-15.