Elections Press Release Recent Win 6.21.2023

REPRO Rising Virginia Congratulates Reproductive Freedom Champions on their Nominations to the Democratic Ticket

Reproductive Freedom WINS!

In a major win for Reproductive Freedom across the Commonwealth, Virginia voters chose 9 Reproductive Freedom candidates in the Democratic Primary election for the Virginia Senate and 8 candidates into the Virginia House of Delegates. 

Virginians overwhelmingly—77%— support access to safe and legal abortion care. Without the federal protections of abortion granted by Roe v. Wade, and abortion bans being introduced and passed throughout every other state in the South, Virginians are counting on their legislators to secure a future that safeguards and expands access to abortion care and upholds bodily autonomy. Today, voters showed up to prove that securing reproductive freedom in the Commonwealth is at the top of their agenda.   

“It’s been nearly a year since the Supreme Court of the United States took unprecedented action and stripped Americans of their federally protected right to abortion. Now more than ever, it’s critical that we elect bold and unwavering legislators to the House of Delegates and state Senate to protect and expand access to Reproductive Freedom.  Now that we are through the primary, we are ready to put our heads down and work towards getting our reproductive freedom fighters across the finish line and into the General Assembly this November. They know what’s on the line, and we will not stop fighting until every Virginian and person seeking abortion care in Virginia has access to the care they deserve,” says Executive Director, Tarina Keene. 

 “It is impossible to separate the one-year anniversary of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision from yesterday’s primary results and what they mean for the future of abortion access across the Commonwealth. It’s very clear: candidates who run on Reproductive Freedom, who run on being unapologetic in their support for accessible abortion care, win and we’re lucky to have so many future legislators who center patients, providers and community care. The next iteration of the fight starts today, and we’ll be on the ground, alongside and in partnership with this slate, every step of the way,” states Political Manager, Hannah Servedio. 

REPRO Rising Virginia congratulates the following endorsed Reproductive Freedom champions on their nominations: 

  • SD11: Senator Creigh Deeds 
  • SD13: Lashrecse Aird 
  • SD14: Senator Lamont Bagby 
  • SD18: Senator Louise Lucas 
  • SD31: Russet Perry 
  • SD32: Suhas Subramanyam 
  • SD35: Senator Dave Marsden 
  • SD37: Saddam Salim 
  • SD40: Senator Barbara Favola 
  • HD2: Adele McClure 
  • HD15: Laura Jane Cohen 
  • HD26: Kannan Srinivasan 
  • HD54: Katrina Callsen 
  • HD57: Susanna Gibson 
  • HD79: Rae Cousins 
  • HD81: Delegate Delores  McQuinn 
  • HD84: Delegate Nadarius Clark 
  • Arlington Commonwealth Attorney: Parisa Dehghani-Tafti 
  • Fairfax Commonwealth Attorney: Steve Descano 

This year, REPRO Rising Virginia PAC opted to recognize and acknowledge candidates who chose to go through our endorsement process and received a 100% on our candidate questionnaire. The following candidates did so and went on to win their nominations. We applaud their effort and commitment to Reproductive Freedom and look forward to working together moving forward.  

  • SD21: Del. Williams Graves 
  • SD27: Joel Griffin 
  • SD33: Jennifer Carrol Foy 
  • SD36: Stella Pekarsky 
  • HD19: Rozia Henson 
  • HD82: Kimberly Pope Adams 
  • HD92: Bonita Anthony 

REPRO Rising Virginia PAC supports candidates who are dedicated to protecting reproductive rights and increasing access to abortion care, contraception, and the full gamut of reproductive healthcare. The organization’s powerful statewide network of activists will mobilize Reproductive Freedom voters throughout Virginia to help elect candidates in November.