Elections Press Release Recent Win 6.20.2023

REPRO Rising Virginia Congratulates Lashrecse Aird on Primary Election Victory in Senate District 13

REPRO Rising Virginia is thrilled to congratulate our endorsed candidate, Lashrecse Aird, on her Primary Election victory in Senate District 13. Just days away from the anniversary of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Virginia voters in Senate District 13 voted out an anti-abortion incumbent to make way for a Reproductive Freedom champion.  

“I am ecstatic to congratulate Lashrecse Aird on her hard-fought primary victory. Lashrecse is the Reproductive Freedom champion that we need now representing the people of Senate District 13. She knew what was at stake and made it her mission to defeat an anti-abortion incumbent. She left it all on the field,” says Executive Director, Tarina Keene.

“We cannot afford to have legislators that aren’t willing to do everything in their power to protect and expand access to Reproductive Freedom and rights serving in the General Assembly. The voters have made their position loud and clear. They want leaders like Lashrecse Aird in office who they can trust to fight for their reproductive rights.”

During the 2023 legislative session, activists and legislators alike worked together to pass a Constitutional Amendment for Reproductive Freedom out of the Senate. For this work to continue going forward, we need strong electoral wins by unapologetic, pro-abortion candidates. Tonight, Lashrecse Aird accomplished that.