Press Release

REPRO Rising Virginia Stands With House Democrats Forced Vote Effort

Virginians deserve to know where their legislators stand on reproductive freedom!


Yesterday, House Democrats introduced a rules change to force a vote on the Constitutional Amendment for Reproductive Freedom (SJ 255) which protects access to abortion in Virginia and ensures the fundamental right for individuals to make decisions related to their pregnancy without penalty by the state.

So far, House Republicans have chosen not to docket bills on abortion access. A vote will make known to Virginia voters where their leaders stand on their reproductive rights and freedom. The rules change requires a reading on the House floor five times before a vote can be called. The earliest a vote can happen is Thursday, February 23.


Statement from Tarina Keene, executive director of REPRO Rising Virginia:

“We stand with House Democrats who are taking a bold stand for reproductive freedom by demanding a rules change to allow for a floor vote on the Constitutional Amendment for Reproductive Freedom. SJ255 passed the Senate but its House companion bill was buried in a subcommittee last month. Anti-Abortion House Republicans are running scared and do not want to face the wrath of the vast majority of Virginians – 77% – who overwhelmingly support abortion rights and do not want politicians interfering in their personal medical decisions. Virginians deserve to know where their delegate stands on this critical human rights issue and they want the opportunity to decide for themselves at the ballot box on whether to enshrine bodily autonomy into the Virginia constitution.”