Fighting to defend abortion rights & expand access in Virginia through grassroots advocacy, politics, & policy.

Our Mission

We're fighting for reproductive equity, protection, rights, and opportunities for every Virginian.

We’re building political power for pro-reproductive freedom Virginians and working to ensure every Virginian can make the personal decisions that are best for themselves and their futures, without stigma or political interference. This includes preventing unintended pregnancy, having healthy pregnancies and births, and choosing safe, legal abortion.

REPRO Rising Virginia works to educate Virginians and officeholders about the broad range of issues encompassing people’s reproductive health and rights.

We also work to advance proactive policies, protect against anti-abortion legislation, and elect pro-reproductive freedom candidates at the state and local levels of government.

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Need an abortion?

Reproductive Healthcare Resources

Researching reproductive health resources online can be hard. We’ve made it easy by combining all of Virginia’s abortion friendly resources!

Watch Out for Fake Clinics

Crisis Pregnancy Center Map

Fake clinics, also known as crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), are not-for-profit centers that often advertise free pregnancy tests and other services to people facing unplanned pregnancies while deceptively promoting an anti-choice agenda. Know how to spot and avoid them!

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