Recent Win

City of Alexandria Passes Zoning Ordinance that Protects Reproductive Freedom

A Big WIN for Reproductive Freedom in Alexandria!


In the Repro Movement, we love state and local wins, and on Saturday, the votes of Alexandria City Council members gave us a major local win worth celebrating! I have been working with my colleagues on the Alexandria Commission for Women, REPRO Rising Virginia, and the Virginia Reproductive Equity Alliance to encourage Alexandria City Council to pass amendments to the city’s zoning ordinances that would clarify that abortion clinics are a “by-right” use under definitions of a Medical Care Facility and Health Professional Office in Alexandria.

In practice, these amendments are intended to eliminate barriers abortion providers might face when trying to occupy buildings within Alexandria City limits for the purposes of operating an abortion clinic in mixed-use and commercial zones. Currently, there are localities in rural parts of the state trying to use zoning ordinances to push clinics out. I am proud that Alexandria City is modeling how we should be using municipal zoning and land use ordinances to respect and protect our local clinics and access to reproductive healthcare! 

Now, we need you to take action by encouraging Alexandria City Council Members to designate a line item in the budget that directs municipal funding to support abortion clinics in Alexandria city and the logistical support networks that support these clinics and the patients they serve.  


Support our Practi-Cab Program a program that works directly with Virginia’s abortion funds and clinics to provide patients with safe transportation to and from their abortion care appointments. 

Sign Our No Abortion Bans in VA Petition

Thank you for your continued support! 


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Alexandria passes zoning change that will make it easier for abortion clinics to open (


Reference my full testimony Here: 

Testimony in Support of Zoning Text Amendment #2023-00002 

Good Morning Council Members,

My name is Lexi White. I am a member of the Alexandria Commission for women. I am also here as the Policy Director of REPRO Rising Virginia and a member and partner of the Virginia Reproductive Equity Alliance, a coalition dedicated to advancing reproductive health, rights and justice across the Commonwealth.

We applaud the Alexandria Planning Commission and the city’s efforts to make it clear that abortion clinics and the critical healthcare they provide are not only welcome in the City of Alexandria, but are a critical part of maintaining the health and well-being of our community and the Reproductive Freedom and bodily autonomy of its residents.

In a post Roe America, abortion healthcare is still legal in the Commonwealth of Virginia, but amidst heightened and politically-motivated threats that jeopardize access to care, it will be up to states and localities to protect access to critical abortion healthcare now, more than ever.

Even in a state like Virginia where abortion remains legal, barriers to abortion healthcare are already many and continue to impact people, families, and communities who are already facing disproportionate barriers to a full range of healthcare on multiple fronts.

We denounce anti-abortion extremism that has been trying to manipulate local zoning ordinances in order to push abortion care out of other localities, particularly in vulnerable parts of the state. 

We believe that in clarifying that abortion clinics are a by right use authorized under definitions of both medical care facilities and health professional offices, Zoning Text Amendment #2023-00002 is a critical step for Alexandria City to ensure unfettered administrative approval of abortion clinics in commercial or mixed-use zones, and an important and admirable demonstration of what it will take to make Alexandria a model city for protecting providers, patients and the clinics that keep our communities safe, supported, and healthy. We urge support for Zoning Text Amendment #2023-00002.

A second ask we make to council is a request for council to take it’s support for Reproductive Equity a step further by designating a line item in the local budget that steers local funding streams directly to abortion clinics in Alexandria City and local logistical support networks that support these clinics and the patients they serve.

Thank you,

Lexi J. White, MPP

Policy Director

REPRO Rising Virginia

Commissioner, Alexandria Commission for Women

Organizational Member- Virginia Reproductive Equity Alliance