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REPRO Rising Virginia Congratulates Senator Jennifer McClellan on Historic Congressional Win

Congratulations to the newly elected Congresswoman Jennifer McClellan!


REPRO Rising Virginia is ecstatic to congratulate Congresswoman-elect Jennifer McClellan on her historic win in Richmond last night. Her unwavering commitment to protecting and advancing reproductive rights and access for each and every Virginian is unrivaled, and there is no doubt she will continue her righteous fight for our fundamental human rights in Congress.
Throughout her 18-year legislative career, Jennifer McClellan has fought to defend and increase access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare services, including abortion and birth control.

In 2020, her leadership led to the passage of the first proactive abortion rights bill to ever pass in Virginia and in the South. The Reproductive Health Protection Act (SB733) repealed five of the most egregious and medically unnecessary barriers to abortion care, including the targeted regulations on abortion providers (TRAP), mandatory waiting periods, state-mandated biased counseling, forced ultrasounds, and bans on certain medical professionals from providing abortion early in pregnancy.

“Congresswoman-elect Jennifer McClellan is the right person to meet this important moment in our Commonwealth’s and nation’s history. The people of the fourth congressional district know her and will be proud to have her representing their values in the House of Representatives. McClellan is a true reproductive freedom champion, and it’s been an honor to work alongside her. We know she will continue to fight for reproductive freedom in her new role,” says REPRO Rising Executive Director Tarina Keene.