Elections Press Release 9.22.2023

REPRO Rising Virginia PAC Announces Second Round of Candidate Endorsements for the Virginia 2023 General Election

Meet our next round of endorsed general election candidates!

REPRO Rising Virginia PAC Announces Second Round of Candidate Endorsements for the Virginia 2023 General Election


Alexandria, VA – Today, REPRO Rising Virginia PAC, the political action arm of the reproductive rights policy and advocacy organization, announced its second round of endorsements for the Virginia 2023 general elections. The results of these elections will shape the future of abortion access not only in Virginia but in the entirety of the South. Electing pro-reproductive freedom legislators to the Virginia General Assembly is a key factor in protecting and expanding access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion, for the millions of people who live in the South.

REPRO Rising Virginia endorsed candidates undergo a rigorous vetting process and are selected based on numerous factors. See the updated list of RRVA PAC endorsed candidates below.

REPRO Rising Virginia PAC Endorsed Candidates:


    • SD4: Trish White-Boyd
    • SD7: Renie Gates
    • SD8: Donna StClair
    • SD12: Natan McKenzie
    • SD15: Senator Ghazala Hashmi
    • SD16: DelegateSchuyler VanValkenburg
    • SD17: DelegateClint Jenkins
    • SD20: Victoria Luevanos
    • SD22: Senator Aaron Rouse
    • SD23: Senator Mamie Locke
    • SD25: Jolicia Ward
    • SD26: Pam Garner
    • SD34: Senator Scott Surovell
    • SD38: Senator Jennifer Boysko
    • SD39: Senator Adam Ebbin


    • HD1: Delegate Patrick Hope
    • HD3: Delegate Alfonso Lopez
    • HD4: Delegate Charniele Herring
    • HD5: Delegate Elizabeth Bennett-Parker
    • HD6: Delegate Rip Sullivan 
    • HD7: Karen Keys Gamarra
    • HD8: Delegate Irene Shin 
    • HD10: Delegate Dan Helmer
    • HD12: Delegate Holly Seibold 
    • HD13: Delegate Marcus Simon
    • HD14: Delegate Vivian Watts
    • HD16: Delegate Paul Krizek 
    • HD17: Delegate Mark Sickles 
    • HD18: Delegate Kathy Tran
    • HD22: Travis Nembhard
    • HD24: Delegate Luke Torian
    • HD27: Atoosa Reaser
    • HD29: Marty Martinez 
    • HD30: Rob Banse
    • HD38: Delegate Sam Rasoul
    • HD59: Rachel Levy
    • HD70: Delegate Shelly Simonds 
    • HD71: Jessica Anderson 
    • HD72: Bilal Raychouni
    • HD76: Debra Gardner
    • HD78: Delegate Betsy Carr
    • HD86: Dr. Jarris Taylor 
    • HD88: House Minority Leader Don Scott
    • HD89: Karen Jenkins

    “This is the election that will decide if abortion remains legal and accessible or it is banned in Virginia. With so much at stake for abortion rights and access in this year’s Virginia legislative elections, we could not be more pleased to announce our second round of Reproductive Freedom champion endorsements. Each of these candidates is undeniably committed to doing all they can to not only protect access to abortion but will work to ensure we enshrine Reproductive Freedom into the Virginia Constitution. We are now the lone state in the south that has not passed a post-Roe abortion ban making us a central access point for thousands of people seeking care. Virginians and our neighbors are counting on these candidates to keep abortion legal and accessible in the Commonwealth, and we can proudly say that these House and Senate candidates, if elected, will do just that,” stated Executive Director Tarina Keene.

    “Supporting pro-reproductive freedom champions is essential to maintaining Virginia’s ability to be that beacon of hope for abortion access. We are prepared to give everything we can into these races and to get our endorsed candidates elected and into the General Assembly. We know that they all take the protection of reproductive healthcare seriously, and we plan to work together with them in the fight to make accessible reproductive healthcare a reality to all who seek it, in Virginia and beyond,” said Hannah Servedio, Political Manager of REPRO Rising Virginia.