Elections Press Release 6.5.2023

REPRO Rising Virginia PAC Announces Second Round of Candidate Endorsements for the Virginia 2023 Primary Election

Today, REPRO Rising Virginia PAC, the political action arm of the reproductive rights policy and advocacy organization, announced its second round of endorsements for the Virginia 2023 primary elections. Following the passage of a 12-week abortion ban in our neighboring state of North Carolina, Virginia will soon be serving as the central access point for abortion care in the South. We are once again reminded how critical it is to elect Reproductive Freedom champions that will remain vigilant and committed to protecting and advancing abortion rights and reproductive healthcare access while serving in the Virginia General Assembly.

REPRO Rising Virginia endorsed candidates undergo a rigorous vetting process and are selected based on numerous factors. See the full list of RRVA endorsed candidates below.

REPRO Rising Virginia PAC Endorsed Candidates:


  • Senator Lamont Bagby for SD14
  • Senator Dave Marsden for SD35


    • Laura Jane Cohen for HD15
    • Natalie Shorter for HD19
    • Kannan Srinivasan for HD26
    • Katrina Callsen for HD54
    • Susanna Gibson for HD57
    • Rae Cousins for HD79
    • Del. Dolores McQuinn for HD81
    • Victor McKenzie for HD82
    • Del. Nadarius Clark for HD84


  • Parisa Dehghani-Tafti for Arlington County Commonwealth Attorney

“What we’re seeing right now is a calculated attack on abortion at the state and local across the country.  Virginia has long been a battleground state for Reproductive Freedom, and we’ve made significant strides toward increasing access to the healthcare that Virginians need and deserve. However, our current reality is much more uncertain, with much higher stakes. We have one vote standing between abortion being legal or banned in the Commonwealth. That is why this Virginia legislative election year is critical to the future of Reproductive freedom for Virginians and for people across the South. An endorsement from REPRO Rising Virginia is an indication that a candidate will stop at nothing to ensure that Virginians can count on them to fiercely protect and expand their access to the full range of reproductive healthcare, including abortion,” stated Executive Director Tarina Keene.

“Each candidate that we’re endorsing today not only demonstrates a clear understanding of and commitment to the protection and expansion of Reproductive Freedom across the Commonwealth but are centering abortion access in their campaigns in a way Virginia’s voters deserve. We know what’s at stake and are confident that they understand the fight ahead. Our team is thrilled to support these candidates on their paths to office and to work with them as partners every step of the way,” said Hannah Servedio, Political Manager of REPRO Rising Virginia.

Virginians are fortunate to have an abundance of committed candidates who support Reproductive Freedom to choose from this cycle. Within the races that we screened, below are the candidates that chose to participate in our process and received a 100% score on our candidate questionnaire. We are certain, if these candidates prevail in their primaries, they too will prioritize and fight to protect and advance reproductive rights and freedom in the Commonwealth. 


        • Del. Angelia Williams Graves, Andria McClellan for SD21
        • Ben Litchfield, Joel Griffin for SD27
        • Del. Elizabeth Guzman, Sen. Jeremy McPike for SD29
        • Hala Ayala, Jennifer Carroll Foy for SD33
        • Heidi Drauschak for SD35
        • Paul Berry, Shyamali Hauth for HD7
        • Eric Schmidt for HD15
        • Rozia Henson for HD19
        • Bellamy Brown, Dave Norris for HD54
        • Bob Shippee for HD57
        • Ann-Frances Lambert, Richard Walker for HD79
        • Kimberly Pope Adams for HD82
        • Michele Joyce for HD84
        • Bonita Anthony, Kim Sudderth for HD92