We are transitioning Practi-Cab to a new home at the Blue Ridge Abortion Fund! This successful program is growing, and as a direct service provider, BRAF is distinctly positioned to continue its growth and to see it thrive. For nearly 35 years, BRAF has offered financial and practical support to abortion patients seeking care across the Commonwealth.

We look forward to sharing more as the transition is underway in the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, learn more here.

What is Practi-Cab?

While many barriers to abortion were lifted in Virginia with the passage of the Reproductive Health Protection Act, many communities across the Commonwealth still face obstacles to accessing abortion care. Many folks lack the resources, time and emotional support needed to access their right to safe, legal abortion care. That’s why REPRO Rising Virginia works with abortion funds to provide practical and emotional support to abortion seekers by giving rides to and from their abortion appointments across the Commonwealth.

Practi-Cab is a volunteer-led program. All volunteers are trained as abortion doulas by our partners at Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project to provide emotional support to patients they assist.

Hear from our volunteers!

Volunteer Testimony

“Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project offered financial help, logistical, and emotional support for my abortion in 2019. Access and empathy are so lacking in our health systems, and I was SO happy to learn of the Practi-Cab program in my area. I jumped at the opportunity to help provide access and empathy to my friends and neighbors that need it because somebody did that for me.” -Ammie P

“I joined because of Dobbs. Learned about you while attending a rally in Norfolk. Being angry in my own home accomplished nothing. Being a volunteer with PC adds value to our community.” -Holly K

“I’ve personally always cared deeply about a person’s right to reproductive choice. Several people in my life that chose abortion feel strongly about their choice to end their pregnancy and I love and embrace them for their choices. Dobbs did inspire me to find another, more direct way to offer aid to those seeking to end their pregnancies. I had volunteered with Planned Parenthood in the past but something about being both the transport and emotional support for someone going through this procedure feels like I’m doing more on a personal level.” -Kalie D

I joined Practi-Cab before Dobbs… because every person who needs or wants an abortion should be able to get one… in my privilege, before learning about Practi-Cab I just hadn’t realized folks couldn’t get to/from their appointments… once I learned, I had to help by providing a ride and support! -Lisa H

I joined after Dobbs. Learned about you at a town hall in ALX. Really tired of the audacity these politicians have for making laws about things that are none of their business. PC is a tangible action that helps. And it feels a little subversive, which I also like. -Julie C

Since pre-2016 It’s felt really overwhelming to get too caught up in national politics.  How I can participate feels extremely limited and prone to whims outside my control.  By getting involved locally I’ve felt more empowered.  After the Dobb’s decision, I wanted to work at the Falls Church Clinic, but they were inundated with volunteers.  That’s how I learned about Practi-Cab and ReproRising.  Being able to make even one person’s medical decision and logistics easier makes it worth it.  Unfettering access to life saving care is so critical.  I feel lucky to be a part of this organization. -Tyler G

Volunteer for Practi-Cab

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